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On this website you can find the latest changes regarding the guide book “Birdwatching in Colombia“.

Most GPS points used in this book can be uploaded at this link. This gpx-file can then be imported into your GPS. If you like to download coordinates into Google Earth, right-click on this link and save on your computer.

We would highly appreciate if you leave all your remarks, such as changes in prices, contact information, additional records, GPS coordinates with your special recordings, etc on this blog.


12 thoughts on “Latest information

  1. ATM’s: Apparently the Davidiendo ATM only allows withdraws up to 400.000 pesos and the service is now very complicated. We still recommend Citybank and additionally BanColombia. The latter allows you to withdraw up to 600.000 pesos.

  2. Victoria (site 44)
    Just had a few hours in the afternoon and morning, saw just Sooty Ant Tanagers and Sooty-headed Wrens (surprisingly) and some regular birds. But I not a ‘birder’ and never see as much as they do. Luckily I got a photo of Ant Tanager to make the trip worthwhile.

    Some notes: The last two digits of phone number for Hotel Victoria are ’05’ and the last part about Guiding I think would be better written “The folks at Hotel Victoria can arrange guides or transportation.”

    Going to try Chestnut-capped Piha next, but my girlfriend insists I don’t go because of recent clashes with guerillas and military in Anori. Not sure if this is a topic for the book or nothing to worry about. Proaves says the town is an hour away and there is an EMT tower, whatever that is, with soldiers close by.

    On another note, if you have any input on this thread I’d appreciate it:

  3. El Secreto: New birding site in Garagoa.
    Unfortunately the hillside La Aurora in Bogota is not accessible anymore. The private property has been fenced off.
    On the other hand a new site for Blue-throated Starfrontlet (Coeligena helianthea) has been found. Additional also Brown-breasted Parakeet (Pyrrhura calliptera) is relative common here. The reserve El Secreto is at 1 hour from Garagoa on the unpaved road to Miraflores. After 20 km you’ll see an ambiental sign. Turn left before the sign. Garagoa itself is at 2 hrs driving from Bogota.
    Contactperson: Felix E. Fernandez (Cel: 311-840.91.45,; Cra. 8 # 9-14, Garagoa)

  4. Around Leticia (Amazonas)
    I was recently in the Amazonas. Staying at Casa Gregorio/ Heike (page 221) is a good option. From here there are good trails to terra firme and varzea forest.
    Also they can arrange trips to Mocagua Island. Additional top bird for the island is Dull-capped (White-eyed) Attila (Attila bolivianus), a rarity in Colombia. Also the NP Amacayacu station will re-open soon and they welcome birders.
    A good hostal to stay in Leticia is the Apaporis Hostel (Elisabeth Yucuna:; 311-886.59.96). She has good information about the reserves around Leticia.
    Heliconia lodge is a nice alternative to Palmari. It doesn’t have as many habitats as Palmari, but it has especially good varzea forest and Grey Wren (Cantorchilus griseus).

  5. Fuquene
    For those who want to visit Fuquene (site 12), you can make direct reservations for the Refugio El Santuario at 310-771.01.15 or with the caretaker Maria Angelica Cruz: 310-200.86.55

  6. Pete Morris found a few errors in the book:
    e.g. p. 91 shows a Black-and-chestnut Eagle (Spizaetus isidori) rather than a Black Hawk-Eagle (S. tyrannus),
    p. 148 depicts a Humboldt’s/Blue-headed Sapphire (Hylocharis humboldtii/grayi) instead of a Blue-throated Goldentail (Hylocharis eliciae).

  7. Hi,
    I am presently on a prolonged birding trip in Colombia. Of course prices change, so no comment there. I did try to travel to Soata to walk the Onzga-Soata road. That road is now apparently nearly abandoned, there is no public transportation crossing to Onzaga, a taxi may do the trip, but people indicated the road was not in good condition. However, for birders without a vehicle, one can travel to Onzaga from San gil or Duitama. In Onzaga there is an early bus up to a paved road leading to Soata or Duitama. One can get off the bus coming from Onzaga at the beginning of the paramo and walk down back towards Onzaga. There is very nice forest and maybe birds similar to the Soata-Onzaga Road. I did not actually do this, but I may return later in the trip.

  8. Hello,
    I am planning to visit the Southern Andes region of Colombia in February 2016 – specifically the sites La Planada, Rio Nambi, and El Pangan. Does anyone know the current situation in this part of Narino state? I understand that ProAves no longer operates the reserve at El Pangan. Thank you,
    – Gerald Frost, USA

    • Hello Gerald,

      Sorry for the very late reply. It must have slipped through my emails.
      El Pangan still exists, but I do not know if they still operate the lodge for ecotourism.
      Rio Ñambi and La Planada are functioning well. I was in La Planada one a year ago (Jan 2015) and even met the administrators of Rio Ñambi.


  9. Hi all,
    I’m going to be in Colombia next month and would like to try to visit Los Katios. Is this currently safe/possible? I’ve been looking for any trip reports and haven’t seen anything. I’d appreciate any information about going there that anybody can provide, particularly contact information for park authorities, etc.
    Many thanks, Jim

    • Hello Jim,

      Since the publication of the book, a few birders (mainly from Medellin) have been visiting Los Katios. This was possible because they knew the rangers or had the right contacts.
      It was at the point of opening again, but some irregularities kept it close.

      Entering a NP in Colombia is always complicated. They never want to take risks as they earn nothing with it. But if something goes wrong with someone (esp. a foreigner), they receive all the critics.

      But there are still plenty of other places to visit. You can even think about visiting the Pirre Mts in Panama. This will give you similar species and some highly wanted endemics.

      Hope you will find a way. Meanwhile I will be going to the Putumayo department to search for new birding sites.

      All the best,


  10. Ciarán Smyth sent me the following info: “In San José del Guaviare we got a boat trip with a guy called Alvaro out onto Laguna Negra; he gave us his number – 314 489 5526 – in case we were able to pass it on to anyone else interested. He also provided us with breakfast!

    In La Argentina we couldn’t get in touch with Esneider, but we found him through another of the contacts (Luis Antonio Solarte). Numbers to contact Esneider now are 310 275 7739 or 313 696 3109. It’s also possible to contact Claudia at or find them in the Drogueria JP, which is at Cra 3 #5-57

    For contacting Hato La Aurora I think the email address should be instead of

    A couple of possibly interesting observations: Sungrebe at Laguna Fuquene and a ground-tyrant on Monserrate, I presume Spot-billed? Unfortunately I didn’t get a fabulous look at it.

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